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We are affiliated to the Royal Berkshire County Pool Association. In order for an individual league to be eligible to enter 1 or more teams into the interleague competition they need to be affiliated to Berkshire County.

The Berkshire Interleague competition is competed between all entrants from affiliated leagues and all matches take place on a Sunday afternoon. Each team must have a minimum of 9 players and there are 3 points for a win and 1 for a draw. There will be 18 frames per match, and each player can play a maximum of 2 frames. A match usually takes around 2 hours and is played over 2 tables.

The Interleague shall be played using the World Rules format, the away team will be responsible for refereeing and the home team will be responsible for timekeeping.

In the 2011 interleague season, there will be 2 leagues of 6, with the top two from each league qualifying for a final "swiss style" round robin in Reading, to decide a winner. This will take place at the end of October 2011.

The winning Interleague team will be given entrance to the National Interleague finals to compete against the winners of the other interleague winners from the other counties in England. This will take place in Great Yarmouth in April.

If you are interested in participating in the Interleague and representing the Hayes and Uxbridge Pool League you must play for a team within our league. To join our league or for further information please contact Steve Panteli or Simon Wilkinson.

If you already play in the Hayes and Uxbridge Pool League and wish to be considered for a place in one of our 2 Interleague teams, please contact Simon Wilkinson.

Please find below a guide to the Interleague 2011 season.

Constitution and Rules
The constitution (important law or determination) is a set of rules / regulations put together by the interleague committee which governs how the Berkshire interleague will be run. This is a formal written document defining the rules of the league and the rights of teams and players taking part.

This is in place to explain how all teams / captains should behave during matches, to explain your rights, the code of conduct expected and what to do if you have a problem with another player or team within the league.

Please click on one of the links below for the relevant information.


In order to take part in the interleague competition a registration form is required to be completed and submitted to the interleague organisers, please find this below.


There are 11 teams taking part in the 2011 interleague season, with the Hayes and Uxbridge Pool League entering 2 teams this season.


Please take a look at the below documents which confirms with players have qualified to take part.

Contact Details

At some point during the season you may need to contact another interleague team, you may do this by telephone or email depending on the urgency of the matter by using the document below.


The 2011 Interleague season will start with the Knockout Cup on 20th February taking place over 1 day.  The league format this year will comprise of 2 divisions and will begin on 27th March, with the top two teams in each division qualifying for the a grand final taking place in Reading in October.

Please find the 2011 fixtures below

Match Sheet

A match sheet must be completed by both opposing teams each time a match is played. Both teams are required to complete a match sheet each, and email / post this to the address stated on the sheet no later than 48 hours after the match has been played. Under exceptional circumstances where this is not possible you must notify the interleague organisers immediately, failure do so may result in a points deduction.


Please find a copy of the match sheet below.


Statistics and League Tables

After each round of fixtures an updated set of statistics and league tables will be issued to all captains, which should provide all relevant information.

These are prepared in an Excel document, with the latest league tables, and also a tab for each team showing current stats. This is a detailed breakdown and will give you an overall picture of how your team is performing to date and how each individual is performing in your team and the other teams in the league.

Please select from the drop down menu below and click open to view the information you require.


If you have a query regarding the website or you require further information you may contact Michael Kelly