Hayes and Uxbridge Pool League - Constitution, League Rules, Refereeing Guidance & Snookers


A constitution (important law or determination) is a set of rules / regulations put together by the league committee which governs how the Hayes & Uxbridge Pool League will be run. This is a formal written document defining the rules of the league and the rights of teams and players taking part.

This is in place to explain how all teams / captains should behave during matches, to explain your rights, the code of conduct expected and what to do if you have a problem with another player or team within the league.

World Rules

This league was set up to introduce and to have players regularly playing World Rules in Hayes, Uxbridge and the surrounding areas. This then opens the possibility to progress to county level and beyond if your talent allows and you so choose to.


Some of you may have a basic understanding or may know World Rules. However for those who are unfamiliar with World Rules or need a refresher, please see the World Rules document(s) for the complete guide.

Guidance For Referees

If you are refereeing a frame or a match it is important you know World Rules inside out, and is also vitally important that in any situation you know the correct call to make. Please visit the link below which provides the correct call for any given situation.


Sometimes it's hard to visualise how written rules should be interpreted, therefore by clicking the link below, the resulting page will explain how Snookers are defined within World Rules.


If you have a query regarding the website or you require further information you may contact Michael Kelly